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Ever wonder what life would be like if a new form of sea life began to appear in locales all over the earth? "Surface" is an expansive drama and undersea adventure that centers on the appearance of mysterious sea creatures in the deep ocean -- and tracks the lives of four characters. They are: Laura Daughtery (Lake Bell, "Boston Legal"), the young oceanographer who discovers the secret; Dr. Aleksander Cirko (Rade Sherbedgia, "Snatch"), the government scientist who tries to keep things under wraps; Rich Connelly (Jay R. Ferguson, "Judging Amy"), the Louisiana insurance salesman who loses his brother in a suspicious diving accident; and Miles Barnett (Carter Jenkins, "CSI: New York"), the young boy who brings one of the creatures ashore. The mystery ensnares a spectrum of people, including naval officers in the South Antarctic Sea, a family in North Carolina, scientists from the Oceanographic Institute in Monterey, and fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico. The seemingly innocent creatures they find are beautiful, and kids may even want to play with them -- but is there something more to them? One thing's for sure – they're full of surprises as viewers embark on this journey to discover what might be lurking in the sea. "'Surface' is entertainment for all ages in the tradition of 'E.T.' and 'Close Encounters,'" said Josh and Jonas Pate, the series' creators and executive producers. "It will have action, suspense, thrills and heart as we track the fantastic into the familiar." The Pates continued: "We'll follow the teenager as he raises the sea monster in a suburban garage. We'll admire the young dedicated oceanographer as she takes unbelievable risks to get to the bottom of the mystery. We'll feel the grief and obsession of the every-man from Louisiana, and answer the questions surrounding the mysterious Dr. Cirko. This series will plumb the depths of suspense." "Something is down there." "Surface" is from NBC Universal Television Studio and was created by Josh and Jonas Pate ("Dragnet"), who also serve as executive producers. NOTE: The original title of the series was Fathom but was changed after it came to light that the rights to the name were owned by another company.

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